Client Testimonials

Excellent trainer. What distinguishes John from others is that he can explain exactly why you're feeling pain, why you can't perform a certain exercise, etc. and tie those symptoms to specific muscles. By explaining where the muscles hook up and how they work with other muscle groups, you start to understand the exercise, how it's done right, and why he has you do certain ones in a given session and not others.

In other words, you get to participate intelligently (rather than just obediently) and as a result, your gym sessions without John are more productive and carry forward the benefits of the sessions with him.

Finally, John seems much more atuned to variations in my workouts. He notices small changes in weight and can tell, seemingly intuitively, tell when he can push and how hard.

I feel fortunate to be able to work with a trainer of his quality.
Conrad C, San Mateo, CA.
I have been training with John since Feb 09. John is an awesome trainer who makes workouts fun and very effective by using a combination of exercises. John's motto is "Be More, Do More". This is not just a mere sentence for him because he practices it. He pushes me to do just a little bit more each time than I believe I can. But unlike other trainers I have had in the past, he also understands my potential. I remember my first day training with him when he was evaluating areas where I needed most work. He only needed 10 minutes to pinpoint exactly the areas to focus on. The results that I have seen have amazed me and I feel like I'm Superwoman! In the past I have had 2 other personal trainers but John definitely stands out compared to the other 2. I had received a gift certificate for my first 12 training sessions and I saw such amazing results that I still continue to train with him.
Krupali T., San Mateo, CA
I've worked with John for over 3 years. He knows the best fitness routines to meet your goals, and pushes you just a bit more than you thought possible. He's very knowledgeable about the physiology of the human body and incorporates his knowledge into his training routines. Not just resting with his current knowledge, John is always researching the latest in fitness trends and will share that info with his clients.

John is a great workout companion as well. He's personable and funny, and that makes for even better workout - even if he is working you hard! I highly recommend John to anyone who wants to improve their fitness and health.
Bob P., San Mateo, CA
When searching for someone to help me obtain my athletic performance goals, I knew that I wanted someone who would not only challenge me but take me to the next level. I sought John's expertise to not only train me to become a more fit individual, but to be a more efficient, stronger and faster runner. As a result of training with John, not only has running become easier, but as a result of John's beyond challenging workouts my perception of what is hard has changed drastically and have noticed vast improvements in my running speed, economy and mechanics.??

Every session, I was challenged beyond what I thought possible and beyond amazed at the variety that John throws at me. Every workout John challenges me to a point where at the end of the workout, I cannot believe that I accomplished a feat that I previously thought impossible. John would actually actively participate in my workouts by running or shall I say, sprinting with me as apart of the session, which goes above and beyond any expectations that I had. I believe that directly correlates to John deeply caring about individual performance/fitness goals and his motivation to get his clients to be the best they can be.

In seeking a fitness coach, knowledge is essential, which John demonstrated every session with answers to my questions and an answer to why each exercise benefit my fitness and running performance. However, it is John’s motivation to push his clients beyond what they think is impossible, that makes John excellent at what he does. It was always clear to me from the start that John loves fitness and training a vast variety of individuals. John brings enthusiasm and motivation to each individual workout, which makes the training experience that much more rewarding. I have no doubt in my mind that with John's vast knowledge, sport specific programming skills, certifications, years of training experience and passion for fitness that anyone can achieve any goal they desire. John will provide a program that will get you to your goal and beyond what you thought possible of yourself. I would highly recommend him as a fitness coach and could not ever see myself training with anyone else.
Sarah P.
I was skeptical when my wife gave me personal training sessions; I had been exercising my whole life on my own. But John Fernandez is fantastic. He squeezes into 60 minutes a routine that makes you feel like you've worked out for 2 hours by keeping multiple muscle groups engaged in every exercise. He's very creative; even after many sessions, he continued introducing new routines every time we met. Our whole family has trained with him and for at least a year we were showing other family members ways to "engage your core". Great trainer!
Conrad M .
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