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23 Best Exercises For A Perfect Butt

Top 42 Ways to Lose Belly Fat Fast


Personal Training SF will help you get in shape now!

  • Lose fat
  • Tone or build muscle
  • Sculpt your physique
  • Have the shape you want
  • Get stronger
  • Improve health and flexibility

We are a team of highly experienced, certified, health and fitness consultants. Located in San Mateo we are available to the San Francisco and Peninsula clients seeking a serious diet and training regimen with a dedicated and knowledgeable fitness consultant. What’s more, we are ridiculously committed to helping our clients achieve not only their fitness goals, but far beyond what they ever imagined possible.

Our methodology not only delivers great results, but is fun too! As lifestyle coaches, we work closely with our clients to understand their personal goals and ensure their success.

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Once you contact us and provide some basic information, at no cost we will schedule a free fitness and diet assessment.

Matched for your schedule and convenience, we will work with you one-on-one in a designated training studio, gym, home or office along the Peninsula area. A customized body shaping program and diet plan will be designed and implemented with you including:

  • Diet and nutrition
  • Aerobic work for fat loss
  • Weight training
  • Cardiovascular conditioning
  • Stretching
  • Injury rehabilitation

Finding the right health and fitness specialist can be one of the most important decisions of your life. Hiring a fitness trainer or dietitian isn’t like buying a packaged product, what you get, and more importantly the results you get, are based on their experience and skill. With a collective 35 year track record of results, including being athletes ourselves, we can promise that if your goals are weight loss, more energy, improved health, and generally feeling better all the time, then we are the health and fitness specialist’s you’ve been looking for.

What should you be searching for in a health and fitness specialist?

Here are some important factors to consider:

How many years of experience does the consultant have?

When working with people to change their bodies, you’re also working with them to change their minds by learning new habits. In regards to exercise these things aren’t taught in exercise physiology class, they’re acquired through hands-on experience and age. In addition to some of the highest credentials in the industry, we have a collective 35 years of experience in helping people reach their goals by addressing change at all levels.

Have they always been in great shape? or do they know what it’s like to be where you’re at?

One of my greatest assets is that we have always been athlete’s and always will be athlete’s therefore we understand the energy demands imposed on the human body during movement. This invaluable experience allows us to structure a safe yet effective diet and/or training program. Many health and fitness specialist’s, while doing well with athletes, struggle to help their weight loss and general fitness clients because they simply can’t relate. They’ve always been in shape and don’t understand the difficulties you may be facing.

Is fitness their profession, fitness their passion, or is fitness their let-me-stay-busy-job?

In San Mateo there are many students with basic personal training or nutritionist credentials or none at all working while attending school or working in an entirely different industry. Many believe it or not may have no passion for fitness and while there are those that may have a passion for fitness, working with clients isn’t their calling which is why they are often in school or working for other things. It’s a fact, many people don’t think about how they live. Most live a routine life and therefore are not conscious of why they’re doing the things they’re doing so they’re unconsciously not committed. Our intense passion is in helping other people lose weight, feel better, increase their energy, improve their self esteem and everyday experiencing the deep satisfaction of knowing we helped them accomplish those things.


It’s hard to find good quality health and fitness professionals. You look at them on paper, and they may meet the qualifications, but those qualifications have to come to life. The practical application is the challenge.

Some may have years of experience and knowledge, like ourselves, may be organized and know how to manage their time, have a good work ethic, etc., and they say a lot. However, the issue isn’t just finding a personal trainer or a dietitian with great credentials. It’s finding the right personal trainer or dietitian in an industry in which is just emerging.

And because the industry is still in its infantile stages It will be a while before the supply of health and fitness professionals equals the demand. Right now, the demand for health and fitness professionals with qualifications and experience is higher than the supply, so often an unqualified consultant fills that spot.

While there are other great fitness professionals in San Mateo, it would be our privilege to share your journey in becoming the “you” that you’ve always known you can be.


Healthfully Yours,
John Fernandez

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